Massage and Energy Work

Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage 

(dosh´ah) according to the principle of constitution of the physical body in Ayurveda, one of the three vital bioenergies (vata, pitta, kapha) condensed from the five elements; the doshas are responsible for the physical andemotional tendencies in the mind and body, and along with the seven dhatus (tissues) and three malas (waste products) make up the human body. The attributes of the doshas and their specific combination within each individual help determine the individual’s physical and mental characteristics, while imbalance among the doshas is the cause of disease.

A Thai Yoga Massage session combines the best of yoga and massage. In this session you will be comfortably dressed on a mat and will be assisted through stretching, lengthening, balancing, and massage. Each session is tailored your needs.  Thai Yoga Massage reduces stress, eases discomfort, balance your doshas, and creates an atmosphere for total relaxation.  An Ayurvedic Assessment is included in your first 90 minute session for deeper personalization.  This session is great for people at any age and any flexibility range. 

Healing Massage

This massage is great for relaxing your muscles, mind, and spirit. A healing massage includes different elements and techniques that fit your needs to support relaxation, improve digestion, offer relief to chronic pain, and so much more.


Energy Shifting Session

An Energy Shifting Session will include different energy modalities such as Reiki, Stone and Crystal energy work, scent energetic shifting, and more. Fully relax, release, and transcend with this session.


Crystal Energy Shifting Massage

This session is a combination of the Healing Massage and Energy Shifting Session and can include different stones and crystals, elixirs, and oils to energetically shift and balance during a relaxing massage.


Energetic Home Clearing & Stone Set Up

This clearing is perfect for any new home or after stagnation, trauma, or even a spring cleaning.  This session can last from 1 to 2 hours.