Holistic Birth Work

Fertility Consultation & Sessions

This specialized session begins with a brief consultation to create a plan for our work together. In this initial session, you and/or your partner will receive specific massage and healing treatment, cleansing protocol, and a plan to enhance potential conception. For best results, both partners involved (if applicable) should receive at least one session. 

Prenatal DoulaThis service includes a visit to prepare you and your partner or birth partner for your upcoming birth.  This can include anything from creating a birth plan, mini bodywork session, informing and reminding the birth mother of her birthing instincts, home infant preparation, or any other needed services

Birth DoulaThis service is to facilitate a womans journey and transformation through birth, to be a witness, and to assist in following your bodies blueprint for birth, while meeting the woman where she is in her birth. I am here to be your advocate and support you and your birth partner and/or birth team/family and your vision for your birth. 

Post Natal DoulaThis service includes a visit to assist in any postnatal service offered- Placenta Medicine, Meal Prep, Home Clearing, mini Bodywork sessions, Infant Massage Instruction, Attachment Parenting Consult, and Breastfeeding and Lactation support.

Birth Plan Assistance - This service includes a Facetime or face to face visit to produce a birth plan that feels best to you and your family.  In this session you can explore the many options and ideas to create a blueprint for your labor, birth, and post labor.

Descriptions and Pricing for Services Below Coming Soon - Please Contact With questions.

Abortion Doula

Breast Feeding Consultation

Placenta Medicine (Tinctures, Herbs) 

Memory Arts (Belly Casting, Foot Prints)

Natural Baby & Home